• Arethusa Solution

    Encryption For All Your Clouds

    Zeutro LLC provides leading-edge data security solutions
    for public, private and hybrid cloud applications.


    Industry Standard Cryptography

    Zeutro's technology uses industry leading cryptography including
    NIST standard elliptic curves, the Advanced Encryption Standard and
    other FIPS-compliant technologies.

Latest News

US Navy awards $1.26M contract to Zeutro to pilot test Arethusa

This project allows the Navy to test out, in both mock and operational environments, a premier data security system that supports attribute-based encryption.

Zeutro awarded new SBIR contract in Cryptographic Automation

The goal of this project is to design and develop an integrated workbench and tools for computer-aided design and exploration for cryptographic algorithms. See the announcement.

Chief Scientist wins ACM Award for Functional and Attribute-Based Encryption

Waters is recognized for introducing the concepts of Attribute-Based Encryption and Functional Encryption which allow granting different forms of selective access to a plaintext message from its encrypted form. This is an important departure from traditional public-key encryption, where access to the encrypted data is all or nothing. See the full announcement.

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